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C O M B O    S P E C S
What's the difference between the MAMA, PAPA, GRANDPA & SUPER DISH combos you offer? And also what do you recommend for me?

There is nothing on the web quite like these packages. We are the only providers of these combos ANYWHERE.

1. The Pandora Rom 102 wafer card has a built-in DN 311 receiver chip ($300 value). What does this mean? It means it lasts a hell of a lot longer without being zapped by the eye in the sky.

2. The DP301 Receivers we include in our combos are all PRE-JTAGGED by our in-house hacker technicians. This means you do not have to become an electronics specialist and spend countless hours trying to decipher the jtag technique (and run the risk of burning your own receiver).

Simply hook up receiver to a dish 500, update your card and watch TV instantly.

If you're a NOVICE dish tester, please consider these package as they do not need any technical experience what-so-ever!

3. The combos differ in that the PAPA combo comes with a $99 Mikobu iso programmer to re-program your Pandora card. Dish Network occasionally will zap the card (about every 2-4 months). Having an iso programmer will let you get right back to watching TV within minutes. The MAMA combo is for customers who have previously purchased a Mikobu or other name brand iso card programmer and do not want to edit their own receivers at home (and run the risk of zapping the circuit board or possibly electrocute themselves).

4. All combos come with an Atmega card which needs reprogramming (5 seconds) every 2-3 weeks. Very simple and fast to do as well.