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Dish Network Rom 102 Cards - Unlock Service
Do you have a Dish Network Rom card and would like us to FULLY UNLOCK it? We can you know. We charge $150 USD per card to fully open and stream unlock the card (add $15 for shipping). There is no lock put on your card (meaning you do not need any pass codes to write to it or read it). We write a stream code right from Dish Network programmed sub cards. Using a Mikobu iso programmer you can easily write or read your cards using our private scripts. You can write as many files on your card as you like. Oh yes, did we mention we sell private scripts for Rom 10 (blue card), 101 and Rom 102 (yellow and Pandora) cards as well? For more details click here.

What is Free To Air? Watch hundreds of Free To Air FTA satellite TV channels from around the world. Free satellite TV, Fta, Dishnet Work scripts and files and fta satellite receivers are always on sale here at Remember, we dont charge for shipping and all our products are in U.S. funds. Free To Air satellite is a term used to describe satellite signals which you can legally receive without a subscription. Free To Air satellite programming is not encrypted, but it is encoded with MPEG-2. At one time, most Free To Air satellite content was transmitted on C Band, but Free To Air satellite programming has now mostly migrated to Ku Band. Unlike satellite television programming which requires a subscription, such as Dish Network or direcTV, free to air satellite channels are not encrypted and can be received with an MPEG-2 compatible receiver.

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EchoStar Communications Corporation serves more than 13 million satellite TV customers through DISH Network, and is a leading U.S. provider of advanced digital television services. DISH Network's services include hundreds of video and audio channels, Interactive TV, Pay-Per-View, DISH On Demand , HDTV, sports and International programming.